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Tunnels, Compost and Showers!

Written by Luke Holland for Tom Clayton


Work Team 2018

As usual, Work Team was a blast. On our busiest day were were pleased to welcome 32 volunteers aged from 16 to 86. There was plenty to do, as we attempted to paint and prune as much of the house and grounds (respectively!) as we could. On top of this, we even transformed the house into Narnia for one of our best summer themes ever! Plus there’s the essential housekeeping and catering required to look after everyone. But that is not all…

The tunnels were the top priority as we strived (successfully) to have them ready for the summer camps. They’ve been a popular option and much enjoyed since. All that remains to complete is some work around the entrances and to add some doors to “enhance” the experience!

The composting area needed to be relocated as the neighbouring footpath was getting very muddy. Work was started on a new compost area during work team, and it’s now fully in use.

We also built a pond swing launching platform and a wheel-chair accessible ramp down into a new area of land we bought last year.

And beyond

Since work team, Tom, Ben and our maintenance volunteers have not put their feet up! Here’s some more things they’ve been up to…

A set of four showers were completely ripped out and replaced with six showers! That should mean less waiting around after a spell on the Mudder or the Ropes Course – happy campers!

The wooden floors got their annual revarnishing … and there are a lot of wooden floors!

A section of the main drive, which was not very car-friendly was dug out and replaced.

And beyond that?

The mini golf is mid-renovation, and we’re hoping to focus on this once the tunnels are complete.

The rafting equipment is also being relocated to a new home nearer the pond, with the plan to repurpose the back court-yard as a drying room.

  • Praise for a successful Work Team with no significant issues and lots accomplished.
  • Praise for the new tunnels activity and what it adds to the overall camp experience.
  • Praise for the skills and commitment of Tom, Ben, and our maintenance volunteers.
  • Pray for wisdom as we continually plan and make improvements to the facilities.

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