Meet the Team


The team is led by Dan and Billie Thaw, who established The Oakes in the late 90’s. Dan and Billie are both trained as PE teachers and have had many years experience of Christian work with children and young people, including Spring Harvest, The Keswick Convention and summer camps in the UK and abroad.


Programme Manager
Johnny Gilchrist
Team Manager
Rob Marsden
Special Projects Mgr.
Bob Pidd
Catering Manager
Clare Ogborne
House / Bookings Mgr.
Erica Greaves
Jonny Greaves
Media Manager
Luke Holland
Follow On Manager
Mary-Ann Clayton
Estate Manager
Tom Clayton
Asst. Estate Manager
Ben Ogborne
Support Team Coordinator
Ciara Long
Asst. Estate Manager
Connor Whalley
Asst. Programme Mgr.
Craig Ferrier
Asst. House Manager
Ellie Taylor
Asst. Catering Mgr.
Heather Grieves
P.A. to Directors
Heidi Beatson
Asst. House Manager
Jen Grant
Asst. Media Manager
Joel Hutton
Asst. Administrator
Kirsty Dronfield
Asst. Catering Mgr.
Rebecca Martin

Team (2016-2017)

Here’s our current crop of young, enthusiastic youth workers who make our camps possible. From running games to leading Bible studies (and simply being fun to be around) they are often the highlight of the camp for the campers. For more info about what’s involved check out our Join the Team page.

Ami Hesz
Anny Hughes
Ariane Zint
Elizabeth Whelpton
Emma Sharpe
Isaac Hilson
James Udejiofo
Jhonnar Lugo
Joe Bastian
Meg Savage
Michael Hannaford
Nica Melzig
Timo Hüttebräucker
Will Sayers-Flood


Our wonderful trustees are Martin Bell, Anthony Fisher, Paul German, Jo Hopkins and Dan Thaw.