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Packing List

What to bring ...


We recommend bringing plenty of old clothes. Many of our activities and games involve mud or water, and campers may need to get changed multiple times a day*. Include warm clothing, too. Please label everything.

And don’t forget your pyjamas!

*We offer to wash and dry clothes for all our campers (except on the last day). If you’d rather we didn’t do this, please instruct your child not to leave their clothes in the laundry baskets.


Similarly, we recommend bringing multiple pairs of footwear. Reserve one pair exclusively for indoor use (e.g. slippers). We do provide water shoes for rafts.


The water-slide (pictured) may be used between April and October. We ask that all campers wear modest swimwear (one-piece for girls and shorts for boys … no bikinis, speedos or similar) or wear shorts and tee shirt.


Please bring a sleeping bag or a duvet cover. Please also bring a pillow case and a flat under-sheet (not a fitted sheet since our mattresses are an irregular size).


A towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, shower gel and anything else you’d normally use.


Please be prepared to hand in any medication on arrival. We will administer this to the camper at the appropriate times. Please keep all medication in their original containers. Reliever inhalers (often blue) are kept and self-administered by the camper.


Each day during camp we open the tuck shop, giving campers the opportunity to buy sweets, drink and stationery. There is a £1 limit on sweets and a one drink limit per camper per day. Clothing and books are usually sold at the very end of camp so, if possible, we recommend that parents bring extra money at that point. Tee shirts cost £7 – £8 and hoodies cost £16 – £18 (dependant on size).


We have plenty of Bibles in the dormitories and meeting rooms that campers can use at any point during the camp. Of course, you are welcome to bring your own Bible if you have one. You may also want to bring a notepad and pen.

Memory Verses

If you have received any memory verse cards and/or a folder on a previous camp, then don’t forget to bring it with you! These are not used on school residentials.

What NOT to bring ...


Our programme is action-packed and there are plenty of things to do in free-time. We recommend leaving items such as sports equipment and books/magazines at home.

Phones & Electronics

Phones and other electronics can be very distracting and may get lost or damaged.
These will be collected in on arrival and returned at the end of camp. See “Can campers and parents contact each other?” on our FAQ page.

Valuable Items

Sometimes things get damaged or lost, so please avoid this by leaving expensive items or items of sentimental value at home.

Nutty Snacks

Please don’t bring snacks that contain nuts or peanuts – even traces. Nuts and peanut allergies are fairly common and we wouldn’t want to make anyone ill, would we?

Obvious Stuff

No alcohol, drugs (except for prescribed medication), weapons, fireworks … you get the idea. These will be confiscated and reported if appropriate.