The perfect residential!

  1. It’s excellent value for money
    Food, accommodation, activities, teaching – it’s all included in the cost.
  2. We’re not in the middle of nowhere
    Easy access and limited travel costs for Sheffield schools.
  3. It’s loads of fun …
    We have a great selection of activities and games.
  4. … and educational too
    Fulfils aspects of the RE curriculum related to Christianity.
  5. We run the whole programme
    Teachers can join in the fun and get to know their pupils better.
  6. Great facilities for teachers, too
    En-suite twin rooms and dedicated teachers’ lounge.
  7. Tried and tested
    We’re currently used by over 15 different schools and highly recommended.

How is Christianity explained?

This is done in a similar way to Religious Education lessons and school assemblies. Everything is explained using phrases such as “Christians believe…”, “the Bible says…” or “as a Christian I believe”. The aim for school groups is that children leave knowing what Christians believe and having had the opportunity to ask a Christian why they believe this.

Make an enquiry

If you are involved in organising residentials for your school and want to find out more, please make a group booking enquiry. We would be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have.