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A is for Archery ... Z is for Zorbs

Coming on an Oakes camp? Here’s a selection of the great activities we may have on offer during your stay!


Embrace your inner mole and explore our underground tunnel system! Start by sliding down the fireman's pole, and then crawl between rooms through tubes of varying widths. It's the perfect place for a game of tag or hide and seek, too!


We challenge you to take on Mudder, our army style assault course designed to test you to your limits. Race against a friend as you squeeze between tires, crawl through a maze and more. We promise you will need a shower after this one.

Ropes Course

Your mission is to complete the course without touching the ground. On top of that, see how muddy you can get your friends on the mud swing, attempt to cross the lake on the rope bridge and fly back over the water on our zip wire.


Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to be a hamster? Well now you can find out! Climb inside one of our massive three metre balls and race against other human hamsters ... and do your best not to fall over!


Don't worry if you've never tried it before - our trained instructors will soon have you consistently hitting the target. For extra points, hit the gold, pop some balloons or simply win a game!


Rafting is a barrel of laughs that you won't soon forget. Join us as we race around the island, collect objects from the water for points, and finish off with a splash as you zoom down the giant slide or launch yourself from the rope swing.

The Wall

Monkey around in our 3D pentagonal climbing wall featuring easy slopes and challenging overhangs from +20 to -20 degrees. Our team will show you what to do and challenge you with routes and fun games!


Not old enough to drive? That's OK! Take the controls of our Oakes cars and zoom around the grounds - dodge the cones and jump over ramps. Our cars are fast and furious and waiting for you to give them a test drive!


Enjoying a relaxing session in the Craft Room and let your creative juices flow. Come make a masterpiece for yourself, a close friend, or even a family member. We supply the materials, you supply the imagination.


The water slide is one of our most popular summer activities. Build up some momentum, launch yourself down our giant 30m slide and see if you can glide all the way to the end!

Camp Fire

Watching the fire blaze at the bonfire pit is something not to be missed. You won't forget the crazy songs and the hot chocolate with melted marshmallows. This Oakes evening tradition has been a fave since the beginning.

Team Building

Can your team make it through the Stargate intact, avoid being eaten by sharks on Little Rock and safely navigate the Acid River? These are just a few of the challenges that await you if you try team building.