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Spread the Word

How many people do you know?

Another great way you can get involved is to tell other people about The Oakes! Below are a few suggestions…

Church Youth Group

Do you attend or have close links to a church with a youth group? Encourage the leaders to book a youth group weekend away at The Oakes. We run the whole programme, allowing the leaders to join in the fun and get to know their kids better. See group bookings for more info.

Your Local School

Are you a teacher, head teacher, or parent of a child who attends a school? Our school residentials allow students to enjoy an action-packed and educational holiday which compliments their R.E. curriculum! Why not suggest to your local school to come and check us out! Our schools page explains more.

Family and Friends

Do you have children, grand-children or friends who have children? Even if they aren’t linked to a group or school who comes to The Oakes, they can still join in on any of our amazing holiday camps (Easter, summer and half terms). Encourage them to come with a friend or two – they’ll have a blast!

We also run special weekends such as “Music and Dance”, “Dads and Lads”, “Mums and Daughters” and “Discipleship” weekends aimed at young Christians.

Check out our camps page for all the info. If you think a child may not be able to afford a camp, please contact us to ask about subsided places (“holiday fund”).

Teens and Twenties

Do you know any older teenagers (15+) who would enjoy serving along-side our team on occasional camps? Tell them about the support team!

"Join Our Team" postcardFor those who aged 18+ there’s the team itself. With the number of young people taking “gap years” on the rise, why not suggest they spend all or part of a year invested in gospel-centered youth work. Point them to for tons more info and the online application form.

If you’d like postcards (pictured) to hand out, please do ask.

Church Contacts

Maybe you’re part of a church or smaller home-group, or have other Christian friends who don’t know much about The Oakes. It would be great if you could make them aware of our venture in order to build up our prayer team.

If you’re local, the easiest and most effective way of introducing someone to The Oakes is by inviting them to visit with you on one of our free open days.

If you are further afield, we have a short DVD called “The Oakes Explained” which does what it’s name suggests. You could show this to friends in your living room or on the big screen at church. These DVDs, as well as other publicity, are available (for free) on request.

and more?

There are probably countless other ways and many other types of people you could introduce to The Oakes, but hopefully the above ideas will get you started on your personal mission to tell others about The Oakes Holiday Centre.