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Putting your money where it is needed most

Giving a monthly or one-off gift to our general fund (below) means we can put your money where it is needed most. You may also want to consider giving towards one of our appeals such as our “Gift a Book” project.

Monthly Giving (Acorns)

Our monthly giving programme is called our “Acorn Scheme”. An “Acorn” is a regular gift of £10 per month. Some donors give multiple Acorns or just part of one.

Monthly gifts ensure a consistent income, allowing us to budget sensibly. This core funding is essential to our ministry.

Give Monthly (Direct Debit)

To set up a standing order instead, please see instructions here.

One-Off Gifts

One-off gifts are also a real encouragement to us. We are amazed at the way that they often arrive just when we need them!

Give One-Off (Credit/Debit Card)

To send a gift via post or bank transfer instead, please see instructions here.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about giving.