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What to Expect

A whole lot of fun!


Our fantastic selection of activities means there’s something for everyone … If you love getting muddy, then the Mudder course is a no-brainer; If you’re up for a physical challenge, then see if you can get around our ropes course; Maybe you prefer something a little less physical – then we’d happily invite you to try out archery or craft. Our activities page boasts even more options just waiting for you to try out!

“Space Invaders” – with water bomb catapults!


It goes without saying that we love a bit of craziness at The Oakes … that’s why we’re always inventing wacky games that require as many people as possible! From the classic favourite, Postman (where campers, eager to deliver their post, chase a giant postbox around the lawn), to Minion Madness (recently labelled as the “best game ever” by a regular attendee), we’ll give you a unique experience to share with your family and friends!


It wouldn’t be camp without a competition, and it’s no different at The Oakes. There is an abundance of ways to earn points for your team (a.k.a. your “dorm”) and there’s a prize waiting for the dorm with the most points at the end of the camp. Each day there’s also the chance to become “Camper of the Day” giving you the opportunity to “pie” a leader or get some V.I.P. treatment, for example.

And more!

Whether it’s singing silly songs at the camp fire, sliding down our 30 metre water slide (in the summer), visiting our underground tuck shop, or spending free time swinging around in the basket swing, there’s simply no shortage of fun to be had at The Oakes!

Exploring the Christian faith

If you’re coming on a school residential, there will be some differences to what’s explained below, so please see our schools page instead.

My Lighthouse

The Good News

The Oakes was set up and is run by Christians to share the good news we believe God has told us about in the Bible! On each camp, we’ll set aside some time each morning and evening (called “The Main Event”) where we’ll investigate this good news. These sessions are interactive and fun, involving the likes of songs, quizzes, games and multimedia. Each day there will also be opportunities to ask and answer questions with Oakes leaders during a short “dorm time”.



On certain camps, we also run workshops (in the place of The Main Event) on a selection of topics for the campers to choose from. The workshops often cover a wide range of entertaining / relevant subjects from sport or music to prayer or self-image, each approaching the topic from the Bible’s point of view.

And more!

For those who are eager to dig deeper, we’ve a few optional extras! Each morning, before breakfast, “Discover God” shows campers how to use study notes to get the most out of their Bibles; Campers are also encouraged to learn memory verses; and Bibles, books and study notes are available to buy at discounted rates at the end of camp. Our aim is to encourage and support young Christians even after they return home!

Still have questions?

Check out our Camp FAQ page where we try to answer all your most common questions about camps, including questions about meals, accommodation, medication and special needs.