Our Partners

Working towards a common goal

The Oakes has been running residential holiday camps since July 2000, sharing the good news of the Christian message with children and young people. In this time we have been excited to meet other people running centres with the same vision both in the UK and abroad.

The Oakes was founded on the idea that getting young people to a centre where they can have a great holiday and hear about Jesus is the best way to share the good news about Jesus. However, there are limitations — location, size, and availability — that make it hard for any work like this to keep growing. We see partnering with like-minded organisations as a way that The Oakes vision can continue to spread.

We want to be an encouragement to and be encouraged by existing centres that share the gospel, and we want to tell people that have a heart for this work that they can do this too! We want to be built up and strengthened together, by praying for each other, sharing resources and training together.

The Oakes is just one centre in one city but by building strong links with other centres we hope that even more young people will hear the good news about Jesus.

Below are some of the residential centres and youth-focused organisations that we partner with:

Do you know of other centres like The Oakes that may want to consider collaborating with us? Do you have a heart for gospel residential work and want to learn more about it? If you answered “Yes” to either of these then we’d love you to get in touch!