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Team News

Written by Billie Thaw


Heather left the catering department at the end of the summer. We are very grateful for all her hard work and we wish her well in her new job in Leeds.

Meg has stayed on to take up Heather’s role as Assistant Catering Manager, taking on more responsibility as she grows in confidence and experience.

Jhonnar stayed on last year as a Residential Trainee. He is currently back home in Venezuela but hopes to return to help Johnny if his visa renewal is successful.

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The House Manager role remains vacant, with Rob taking on a lot of the responsibility in the meanwhile. Pray for provision of someone to look after the housekeeping duties, freeing up Rob to focus on managing the Team.

Tom is also keen for an additional assistant to help keep on top of maintenance tasks.

Joel and Beth met at the start of a their gap year (September 2016). They married almost exactly two years later and their service was followed by a reception at The Oakes. Joel continues on team as Assistant Media Manager.

  • Pray for Jhonnar’s visa renewal process and his time in Venezuala.
  • Praise and prayer for the provision of people to fill key roles at The Oakes.
  • Praise for the marriage of Joel and Beth and their commitment to each other.

Oakes News (December 2018)

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