Oakes News – December 2018


We’re so excited to share with you all that’s been happening over the last six months!

We’ve an update on our July work team, where we completed the new tunnels activity. Johnny tells us about the Narnian summer theme and recent Christmas camps. Rob introduces our 14 new team members and three of last year’s team who haven’t left! There’s also a round-up of other team news, from weddings to team vacancies.

Ciara also shares her support team story and encourages you to get involved. Billie highlights various resources to help you pray for The Oakes. And, with a plan to publish an Oakes book in 2020, Jo is looking to jog your memory!

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Oakes News and Prayer

December 2018

News stories and featured articles to keep you up to date with what’s happening at The Oakes.

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