Residential Trainees 2018-19


A Residential Trainee (RT) is someone who stays on after their gap year to continue helping with camps, develop more leadership skills, complete study projects and learn more about a chosen department. We asked the RTs why they stayed …

“I felt it was a call from God to continue working and growing in my spiritual life and I was just struck by the amount of love I was shown here.”

Abby (Residential Trainee in Catering)

“My gap year was lots of fun and it helped me to grow in my faith; I stayed because I thought it would be a good opportunity to keep serving and growing while learning new skills.”

Charlotte (Residential Trainee in Follow On)

“I really enjoyed my gap year and felt God gave me this opportunity to stay and grow in my faith, develop skills and keep serving him.”

John (Residential Trainee in Admin)
  • Praise for the development of this programme and camp ministry in general.
  • Pray for more people to catch the vision and join us in full time residential work.

Oakes News (December 2018)

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