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When Aslan Comes in Sight

Written by Johnny Gilchrist


A Narnian Summer

This summer we adventured together into Narnia and the house looked amazing. Huge credit to the team for producing some of our best decorations yet – especially the giant wardrobe over the front door and Mr Tumnus’ house in the craft room. God was also incredible in providing the finishing touches – a replica Narnian lamp post, discovered in a neighbour’s garden where it had been for over 40 years, and the thrones for Cair Paravel (the dining room) which came from a local church. It was the perfect theme to introduce campers to God in a fun and exciting way and, with the production of a fourth Narnia movie currently underway (The Silver Chair), hopefully we will have helped many young people discover C. S. Lewis’ fantasy world and its important underlying messages.

The Chronicles of Narnia®, Narnia® and all book titles, characters and locales original thereto are trademarks of CS Lewis Pte Ltd. Used by Permission of The CS Lewis Company Ltd.


The tunnels in action!

The tunnels were also unveiled this summer and have proved a big hit with all ages. It is so exciting to see something that has been in production for so long come to life and be the success that we always dreamt it would be. Tom and Ben assure me it has been great fun grappling with all the complexities of building underground and they should be very proud of what they have achieved.

Christmas Camps

14-18s Christmas Camp

As I write this we have three days to go until our final Christmas camp of the year. It has been really encouraging to see the way the interest in these has grown since we decided to replace our “Discipleship” camps and open up these camps to everyone. This year, we have been almost fully booked on all three Christmas camps. This means we get to share the Good News about why Jesus came to Earth with even more young people! Most exciting has been the pick-up in demand for places from the 14-18 age group who are now clamouring for more camps for their age throughout the rest of the year. We currently have no space to add such camps but it’s the kind of problem we love to have.


Highlight videos are created by Joel for many of our open camps, including our Narnia and Christmas camps. Check them out at

  • Praise for the Narnia theme and the tunnels activity launched this summer.
  • Praise for increasing popularity of the Christmas camps and the opportunities they bring to share the true meaning of Christmas.
  • Praise for Joel’s work on the highlight videos and the joy they bring to the campers.

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