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Written by Billie Thaw


The Oakes is funded by a combination of camp fees plus regular (direct debit) and one-off gifts.

Without funding from supporters, The Oakes could not exist. This continues to be the case, even though our total number of campers has been steadily rising over recent years. This increase is partly due to more mid-week school bookings and partly due to reducing the cost of off-peak camps.

Since opening in 2000, open camps in late autumn, winter and early spring have generally not been full. In 2016, the bold decision was made to significantly reduce off-peak prices, with the hope of increasing attendance and encouraging new bookings from those who could not previously afford it.

All these factors have combined to result in significantly more bookings between October and March and this has enabled us to welcome over 2000 campers last year – a target we set at the very beginning!

However, offering half-price camps can mean we have twice as many bookings but receive the same income. Extra food and utility expenditure means that the costs go up but the income from the fees stays the same.

Although this does not sound a very sensible business plan, it means that we can tell more campers about Jesus, so to us it makes perfect sense!

So, despite increased bookings, we continue to need your generous support more than ever.

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Thank you for enabling us to preach Christ alone, by grace alone, through faith alone, to the glory of God alone.

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