Another Fantastic Year

Written by Johnny Gilchrist


Record Breakers

Last year we started this slot by praising God for the most campers ever through The Oakes in one year but with a slight sadness that we hadn’t reached the 2000 camper mark. This year I can joyfully say that we not only reached that figure, but smashed through it receiving a record 2102 campers in the year 2016-2017.

Our bookings department is swamped with requests from schools for residential camps – so much so that we have already started taking bookings for 2019. A recent school camp booked up within 36 hours of announcing it to the parents!

We have also seen the percentage of returning campers on our open camps reach an all-time high this year. Our October half term camp needed to have a waiting list, and our upcoming Christmas and parent/child camps* are also filling up nicely. Praise God! We look forward to breaking even more records this year.

* P.S. Have you noticed our new family day camp in February?

Bellboy Jhonnar (Hollywood theme)

A Star-Struck Summer

Our Hollywood summer theme was truly glamorous and the team did a fantastic job taking the decorations to another level. A personal favourite was Jhonnar dressed up in his bellboy outfit welcoming the campers.

We have yet to decide the summer theme for this year but do get your bookings in fast to avoid disappointment.

Connor squeezing through a smaller tunnel

In the Pipeline

We also hope this summer to be announcing the opening of the tunnels activity we told you about last time. Tom and Ben have put in so much hard work on these and I am constantly amazed by the level of detail and planning that has gone in to making sure they are safe and fun.

I am anticipating them being something of a “Marmite” activity too – you’ll either love them or hate them. I think the most exciting aspect is the fact that they will challenge campers in completely new ways: you could be fine with heights or water, but that feeling of being stuck underground in a tight tunnel brings a whole new experience. Some of you are probably already shaking just at the thought. Personally, I can’t wait.

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