Residential Trainees

Written by Rob Marsden


Residential ministry is fantastic! A new team join us each year and do more camps than others do in a lifetime! They engage enthusiastically with young people and share the gospel with them and encourage them in their faith, whilst hopefully giving them the best holiday they have ever had! So many young people are growing up right now with a camp embedded in their memories and Jesus is at the heart of every camp.

Since we believe residential ministry is so great, this year we are doing something very exciting – we have begun a scheme of further training!

Abby Hambrick
Charlotte Cosgrove
Connor Whalley
Elizabeth Whelpton
John Shannon

Joining us from September as “Residential Trainees”, we have Connor, Jhonnar and Elizabeth. Connor started with us in 2015-2016 and went on to serve in the maintenance department last year. He would like to be more camp-focussed this year. Jhonnar and Elizabeth spent a gap year with us last year and wanted to continue within residential ministry.

These guys are having another year to continue to be involved with camps, further develop the skills they learnt in their first year, learn more about residential ministry in a specific area, and continue to study the Bible. They will also develop their leadership skills as they take an active role in training up the new team, working alongside them and sharing their experience and expertise.

This new trainee scheme has made an excellent start, and we are excited to see how it will develop over the years ahead.

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