Why Worry?

Written by Johnny Gilchrist


God never ceases to amaze me.

If last year was the year of seeing God provide financially (in funding the purchase of the Gardener’s Cottage and new land) then this year is certainly the year of seeing God provide in terms of personnel. Unfortunately, due to some long term illnesses and planned absences, our team has been slightly depleted this year. As the person in charge of making sure camps happen, there have been many times where I have wondered how we will get through the next camp. But when people come and ask me the same question I always tell them “God isn’t worried so why should we be?”

Sometimes help has come in the form of support team who have turned up on just the right weekend, sometimes it has been volunteers who have said they would stick around a bit longer to help us with activities, but by far my favourite are the heroes from previous teams who take time out from work or give up their weekend to step into the breach on our behalf. One drove all the way from Cumbria just to help on a couple of camps!

God loves us and the work we do here. I am in no doubt about it and so when challenges come it is merely a question of going back to God and seeking his way and his solution to the current problem. He has always come through for us. Because of the help we have received and continue to receive, camps have continued to flourish and we have seen new schools and groups added to our already long list of faithful returnees this year. I was particularly excited to be converting the Drawing Room into a dormitory on a recent camp so that we could accommodate a less physically able camper. This is a first for us and shows a commitment to make sure the gospel truly is available for everyone.

Get strapped in with a friend and enjoy the ride!

And then there’s the new activities too. We have just purchased a second new zorb since our current zorbs are a little tired now. The technology has moved on since we first bought them so it will be exciting to have a couple of new ones. One of the new ones can hold two people harnessed inside and so you go completely upside down in it. Already this is a big hit with the campers.

And this summer we hope to finally announce the opening of the tunnel system. It’s been a long time coming but we are very close to completion now. They started as a “what if…” thought in my head over three years ago, so I personally cannot wait to see the dream become reality.

And finally, don’t forget our summer theme – Narnia. It’s taken two years to work out what permissions we needed but finally we have them and if ever there was a gift of a theme this is it. I just hope we do it proud. But then why should I be worried? God isn’t.

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