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Give As You Live

You shop online. Shop gives to us!

At no extra expense to you, many online retailers are willing to give a cut of their sales to a charity of your choice (The Oakes!) whenever you buy something from them! Give As You Live* makes this possible! There’s a couple of ways to do this …


Whenever you want to buy something online, first visit Give As You Live* and then search for the retailer or item you want to buy. You’ll be sent through to the retailers website and if you buy something, they will give a percentage of the sale to The Oakes!


Another option is to install their Shopping Bar for your web browser. Whenever you visit a supported retailer, a bar will appear at the top of the retailers website giving the option for you to turn on giving. Simply click the button before you buy something.


*Signing up using these links will instruct GAYL to set The Oakes as your preferred charity.