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A Word from Maintenance Land

Written by Tom Clayton


Since the last update

The main things achieved practically, in terms of improvement and upkeep, in the realm of The Oakes have been …

  • A fireman’s pole into the tunnels ­– you can now descend into blackness in style!
  • A pond shed for storing activity equipment near to the pond. This new space is much more spacious and organised.
  • Tiling and a new shower in one of the team en-suite bathrooms. The old shower was making the stone walls damp all the way down the house. Not any more.
  • Fitting a new kitchen in one of the staff residences. The previous kitchen was tired and rather poorly planned.
  • Some tree work, keeping our beech trees healthy and preventing any accidental collapse on to something important like a person or their house.
  • The usual seasonal jobs like servicing our machines, spreading sand and compost on the fields and lawns, spraying weeds, digging over flower beds, and beating the grass into submission using machines with fast spinning things attached!

Work Team fast approaches

It’s soon to get even more busy as Work Team fast approaches. This year will be stacked full of attractive people labouring for the Lord with his strength. On the agenda we have …

  • Two more storage bays. Last year we made two bays for compost. This year it’s two bays for holding aggregates such as hardcore and topdressing.
  • The path behind the pond can now be finished off properly, including the addition of a drain helping to clear water off it in heavy downpours.
  • A steel beam to be fitted to support a well worm-eaten oak beam above one of the shower rooms.
  • A tree on the ropes course needs to be replaced with a large pole. It’s very dead.
  • Finishing touches to the tunnels. Mostly top soil spreading and seeding, but possibly some internal additions such as cold room flaps and … a canoe???
  • The usual painting, pruning and burning as we hopefully push into the new field and start to sort out some access areas and tidy things a bit.

Looking further into the year

Those who read the last update will note we ripped out and replaced showers and re-did a section of driveway. This will happen again as the other downstairs camper shower room is due the same treatment and the next section of the front drive is to be repaired. We are also going to tarmac a third of the back drive, which delivery lorries use every week – it’s currently rubble and is a maintenance nightmare. We will also be considering fencing for the new field to contain children and keep them safe. Quite a lot of fences will be required, so definitely some things to pray about as we look at the budget moving into autumn.

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