What's The Oakes?


The Oakes Holiday Centre is a 36 roomed Georgian house with 7 acres of grounds. The site lies within 90 acres of parkland in Norton, Sheffield. The Oakes Trust, a registered charity, purchased the property in May 1998 and an extensive programme of renovation work followed. This was funded by donations and carried out almost entirely by volunteers. The centre opened on 1st July 2000.


The Oakes is an interdenominational Christian charity, whose aim is to provide a holiday centre where 8-18 year olds can:

  • hear the Christian message
  • be encouraged in their faith
  • enjoy a great holiday

The Need

There is no church contact with 86% of children and young people in Britain. Many

  • know little about the Christian faith
  • don't understand its significance

The Holidays (Camps)

The focus of most camps is to present a clear, exciting and relevant explanation of the Gospel message. Some camps are geared towards the encouragement of young Christians and aim to develop and strengthen their faith. Other camps are for school groups and complement R.E. curriculums and the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA) units of work.

Each camp is action-packed and fun-filled, offering a variety of activities from rafts to crafts.

See our camps section for more information on camps.


A team of full-time staff live on site to organise and run the camp programmes.

The Team is led by Dan and Billie Thaw, PE teachers with many years experience of Christian work with children and young people, including Spring Harvest, The Keswick Convention and summer camps in the UK and abroad.

Children's / Youth leaders accompany their groups or encourage their children / young people to book individually and bring non-Christian friends.

More Information?

For more information, including current brochures and details of Open Days, please browse the website or contact us using the details provided (top right).

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